Tom Donovan

At COPE, the focus is your total health and well being, not just for today but for the long run. COPE offers a wide range of primary care services, behavioral techniques and interventions, programs, and supports for your physical and mental health needs.

COPE’s best practices approach to physical and mental health care serve as catalysts for recovery—they jump start improvements in your health and wellness that depend ultimately on you. COPE staff work collaboratively with you to consider your individual needs and preferences as the foundation for your plan for total health: body, mind, and spirit. You are an equal partner in addressing your healthcare needs. This is what integrated healthcare means at COPE.

What I wish you could experience through this website is the kindness that permeates the culture of COPE, and the sense of optimism and hope that you see on the faces of staff or hear in their voices when you meet them. These things are part of the spirit of COPE, the shared consciousness of why we’re here and what we can accomplish with those we serve. I hope some of this comes through in the following pages.

Please check us out and let us know what you think.

Tom Donovan, Chief Executive Officer


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Tom Donovan

Brenda Even, Ph.D.: Chair

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Victor Soltero: Secretary

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