COPE By the Numbers is a report that provides a brief overview of  COPE’s financial health and summarizes certain data that is collected, monitored, and analyzed to ensure COPE is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

COPE’s fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30, and each report will reflect Quarterly highlights. We hope this report will be a helpful tool for our stakeholders and members of the community to gain a better understanding of how COPE operates and its commitment to fiscal responsibility. 

2020-2021 Fiscal Year:

Quarter One Report — (7/1 – 9/30)


2019-2020 Fiscal Year:

Quarter One Report — (7/1 – 9/30)

Quarter Two Report — (10/1 – 12/31)*

Quarter Three Report — (1/1 – 3/31)

Quarter Four Report — (4/1 – 6/30)


*The Q2 COPE by the Numbers was revised to include all enrolled members, not just those with AHCCCS.